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Amazon Now Sells Apparel and Merchandise Via Mobile Games

Amazon Now Sells Apparel and Merchandise Via Mobile Games

Amazon stated, "With Amazon Anywhere, you can now discover and buy physical products from Amazon stores without ever leaving your game or app." You can try out Amazon Anywhere for the first time in Peridot, a new real-world augmented reality game from Niantic (the designers of Pokemon Go)."

Amazon announced that it had begun selling relevant tangible products such as T-shirts and toys to mobile game users as part of a relationship with the producers of Pokemon GO to offer stuff related with a new game.

Amazon Anywhere is a business-to-business initiative that allows video game makers to sell products directly through their respective platforms.

Amazon is the latest recent shop to offer merchandise aimed at gamers, following efforts by firms such as Walmart, Nike, Gucci, Lacoste, and PacSun, which have established competitions, fashion displays, and virtual objects in games.

However, rather than marketing linked material things, the bulk of shops have focused on generating digital copies of physical goods up until this point.

Amazon Anywhere, according to the retailer, will be made available to any game developer that wishes to convert their platform into an e-commerce website. Users would be able to buy products from video games, augmented reality apps, and other mobile apps.

Steve Downer, Amazon’s vice president of consumer electronics said,¬†

“The customers spend time (in games), and it’s a great environment for them to make those physical purchases without leaving that environment,”¬†

amazon selling apparel via mobile games

The Amazon service is now available in Peridot, a Pokemon GO developer Niantic’s augmented reality pet game.

Players in the Peridot game take care of mystical pet characters, and they can buy associated plush animals, T-shirts, and phone accessories through the Amazon site and have them transported directly to their homes from Amazon fulfillment facilities.

In order to purchase products, players must link their Amazon accounts to the game.

Niantic’s head of production, Kellee Santiago, expressed optimism that future versions of the game might reward players for purchasing things through Amazon Anywhere, an incentive that would encourage more players to use the function.