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Costco Membership Cost : Best Membership Plan Starts From $60 (Complete Guide)

Costco Membership Cost : Benefits, Comparison, How to buy ?

Costco charges a tiered cost structure based on the type of membership you choose.  Based on the membership types the benefits varies. Business Members get additional benefits.

Costco, being a wholesale club, charges annual membership fees. In exchange for the fee, you will have access to high-quality products at wholesale pricing as well as other benefits.  

But how much does a Costco membership cost? Furthermore, are the discounts and privileges that come with membership worth the money? Continue reading to learn more.

Costco charges a tiered cost structure based on the type of membership you choose. The following are the prices for each tier:

How much is a Costco Membership ?

What type of Costo Memberships are there ?

costco executive membership card

Executive Membership:

  • $120.00 Annual membership fee ($60 membership fee, plus $60 upgrade fee)*
  • Includes a free Household Card
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide
  • Annual 2% Reward on qualified Costco purchases (terms and conditions apply)
  • Additional benefits and greater savings on Costco Services
  • Extra benefits on select Costco Travel products.
costco business membership card

 Business Membership:

  • $60.00 Annual membership fee*
  • Includes a free Household Card
  • Add Affiliate Cardholders for $60 each*
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide
  • Purchase for resale
  • Business Members must provide Costco with the appropriate resale information.
costco gold membership card

 Gold Star Membership:

  • $60.00 Annual membership fee*
  • Includes a free Household Card
  • Valid at all Costco locations worldwide

Benefits of Costco Membership ?

Costco offers variety of benefits to all its members. based on the membership types the benefits varies. Business Members get additional benefits.

Benefits for all members :

costco grocery delivery
Grocery Delivery

You can get grocery delivery if you reside in a qualifying zip code.

costco pharmacy

At the Costco Pharmacy, you may get the prescriptions you need at steep prices.

costco electronics
Electronics and Appliances

Costco sells in bulk and has low rates on everything from home items to electronics and appliances in its shops.

costco tire center
Tire Center

The Costco Auto Program might help you save money on your next new vehicle.

costco travel
Costco Travel

Book through Costco Travel to save money. Executive members earn an annual 2% reward.

costco gasoline
Costco Gasoline

You can also save money on petrol by filling up at a member-only gas station.

Additional Benefits for Business Members:

costco payment processing
Payment Processing
costco business printing
Business Printing
costco health insurance
Business Health Insurance
costco business check
Business & Personal checks
costco delivery
Business Delivery
costco water bottled delivery
Bottled Water Delivery

Costco Membership Benefits and Drawbacks

The following are the benefits and drawbacks of a Costco membership. 


  • A large number of items 
  • Prices are lower than at most retail outlets. 
  • Perks available only to members 
  • Savings on automobiles, travel, and other items that you are unlikely to identify with wholesale clubs.


Membership requires at least $60 per year and requires purchasing things in bulk, which is problematic for some shoppers. 

How to buy Membership at ?

To purchase your membership online, please follow these steps:

 1. Visit Here , A Personal Membership and a Business Membership are both available. For any option, you can then choose an Executive Membership.

2. On the following page, fill out the Membership Application. Personal information for the Primary Cardholder and optional Household Cardholder must be entered into the application.

3. To continue the procedure and purchase your subscription, click Save & Continue.

4. Following your purchase, you will receive an email containing your new membership number. Please keep in mind that membership cards will NOT be mailed to you.

You can get your new membership cards by going to your local Costco’s membership counter.


Costco is a terrific place to save money on everyday basics, especially if you have a large family. If this is the case, consider signing up for a membership today to begin saving on groceries, household products, and other items. 

Costco Membership Cost FAQ

What is Costco Travel ?

Costco Travel offers a selection of the world’s top destinations, hotels, cruises and other travel products which are sold exclusively to Costco members who reside in the U.S.

What is the cheapest Costco Membership Available ?

The cheapest Costco membership is the Gold Star membership. The annual fee for this membership is $60.

How is my 2% reward calculated for Costco Travel ?

Reward is capped at and will not exceed $1,000 for any 12-month period. Only purchases made by the Primary and active Primary Household Cardholder on the account will apply toward the Reward.

What are the Costco Services ?

Costco Services works with select providers to offer member-only values for your home or business. Services include Auto & Home Insurance, Costco Auto Program, Pet Insurance, Identity Protection, Bottled Water Delivery for home or office, Personal & Business Checks, Business Payment Processing, Business Health Insurance Marketplace and more

Can I shop at all Costco Warehouses with my membership ?

Yes. You can use your membership card at any Costco warehouse worldwide and online at