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Target Has Decided To Remove LGBTQ merchandise, Following Threats To Employees

Target Has Decided To Remove LGBTQ merchandise, Following Threats To Employees

The move was made at a time when conservative lawmakers in the US have targeted LGBTQ people's rights.


Target, which launched its Pride Collection at the beginning of May, is removing select products from its shops in response to consumer complaints, the business said on Tuesday. 

It claimed that it was doing this to ensure the safety of its employees and Target to remove lgbtq merchandise from its stores and online sites.

Following violent threats against its staff, the retail operator Target has declared that it will remove select LGBTQ goods from its shops across the country ahead of Pride month.

The business said on Tuesday that it was getting rid of some things, although it did not say which ones.

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However, in recent weeks, conservative groups have raised concern over the store’s appearance of swimming suits for transgender women, with some social media users incorrectly thinking the swimsuits were for children. 

Items from the London-based business Abprallen have also drawn criticism for what critics call “Satanist” themes.

Target released a statement saying, “Since introducing this year’s collection, we’ve experienced threats impacting our team members’ sense of safety and well-being while at work.” 

Given the tense situation, we are modifying our plans and removing elements that have been the focal point of the most severe aggressive conduct.

According to Target, the items are being taken off both its online and all of its U.S. locations.

While some Pride Collection products are being examined, the only ones that have been taken off the market thus far are those made by the LGBTQ-friendly company Abprallen, which has drawn criticism for its affiliation with British designer Erik Carnell.

Anti-LGBTQ extremists, some of whom earlier protested Bud Light’s use of transgender comedian Dylan Mulvaney as a social media spokesman, applauded the store’s move.