WhatsApp may begin to display advertisements in the app

According to recent reports, WhatsApp may begin to display advertisements in the app and WhatsApp is considering displaying advertisements on specific app pages such as channels or status.

The news comes two months after WhatsApp denied a report that it planned to show ads to users in order to monetize the service.

WhatsApp CEO Will Cathcart said that adverts will not appear in the main inbox or chats, but they may appear in two additional sections of the app.

This isn’t the first time WhatsApp has apparently considered adding adverts to the popular messaging service. It was claimed in 2019 that WhatsApp planned to serve adverts to users via the Status feature, which allows users to share photographs and videos in a manner similar to Instagram and Facebook stories.

Will Cathcart said, suggested that displaying ads right away when opening the app would be a mistake, which is probably correct. An app-filled inbox is a big turnoff, especially when there are other messaging apps that serve the same purpose.

If WhatsApp decides to include advertisements in-app, status updates are the best way to do so. While no ads are ideal, status ads are just out of reach for the vast majority of users. Will Cathcart made no comments on when or if this will be implemented at all.